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The number of stocks in your portfolio should be larger than you think: Diversification evidence from five developed markets, Journal of Investment Strategies (2014) (with Francis Tapon) AbstractWorking Paper version

Concurrent momentum and contrarian strategies in the Australian stock market, Australian Journal of Management (2014) (with Minh Phuong Doan and Robert Brooks) AbstractDownloadWorking Paper

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Working Papers

Time-varying continuous and jump betas: The role of firm characteristics and periods of stress (with Wenying Yao and Mardi Dungey). Revise and Resubmit, Journal of Empirical Finance. Abstract | Download

Continuous and Jump Betas: Implications for Portfolio Diversification (with Wenying Yao and Mardi Dungey). Submitted to Econometrics.

Asymmetric jump beta estimation with implications for portfolio risk management (with Wenying Yao and Giovanni Urga).

Large scale robust portfolio optimisation with high-frequency data (with Lyudmyla Hvozdyk).

Bias in variance of fixed weight rebalanced portfolios (with  Katja Ignatieva). Abstract | Download

M&A announcements in Australia and their impact on competitors (with  Fabio Parlapiano). Abstract | Download

When We Mistake Economics for Ethics: Evidence that Larger Cap Firms are Not Punished for Commonly Occurring Negative Social or Environmental Behavior. Abstract | Download

Optimal Portfolio Allocation and Industry Bias in the Australian Equity Market (with  Kane Hannan). Abstract | Download

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