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  • stock return calculations
  • CAPM regressions and single index models
  • covariance matrix estimation
  • Markowitz portfolio optimization models
  • and more

Data and examples in Excel are available here.

Invited Doctoral Workshops
  • High Frequency Empirical Finance: A Practical Introduction (2-day intensive workshop for PhD students), Cass Business School, City University London, UK, 2015.
  • MATLAB: Elements of Programming and Time Series Applications (1-week intensive training for post-graduate students and academic staff), Tasmanian School of Business and Economics, University of Tasmania, Hobart, Australia, 2013-2014.
Currently teaching

2016 Semester 1:

  • BEA286 Investment Analysis (undergraduate)
  • BEA652 Investment Analysis (post-graduate)

Your feedback and suggestions on the unit taught would be most greatly appreciated. Please feel free to give me your feedback in person (Centenary Building, Level 2, Room 214), by e-mail ( or, if you feel more comfortable, anonymously by sending me a completely anonymous e-mail using the form below:

Previous courses taught at the University of Tasmania, Australia

BEA286 - Investment Analysis
BEA384 - International Finance
BEA652 - Investment Analysis
BEA706 - International Financial Management
BEA683 - Economics for Managers

Previous courses taught at the University of Toronto, Canada

ECMB11 - Quantitative Methods
ECMC12 - Applied Regression Analysis
ECMB02 - Price Theory: A Mathematical Approach
ECMC49 - Financial Economics

Previous courses taught at the University of Guelph, Canada

BADM3000 - Corporate Finance
BADM4090 - Portfolio Management
ECON1050 - Introductory Microeconomics
ECON4400 - Economics of Organizations and Corporate Governance (dist.ed.)
ECON3660 - Economics of Equity Markets (dist.ed.)
ECON6320 - International Finance